Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Play provides fun and learning for growing kids!


Teach and Play Toys believes that active kids are happy and healthy kids, that why we offer a selection of toys that will encourage your children and grandchildren to put the electronics down and play outdoors.   Outdoor toys not only gives kids a chance to “burn off energy”, playing outdoors can also encourage social interaction with friends, plus offer opportunities for free play and creativity. 

How many of us remember flying kites with our family and friends?  We offer flying toys for kids and adults so you can fly along with your child and remember the carefree days of your own youth.   Take the kids to the park and bring along their own playground toys for an afternoon filled with fun and laughs.   Set up a baseball diamond with our set of bases, or how about a quick game of flag football before heading home?  We offer adult and youth sizes so everyone can join in the fun while exercising and enjoying outdoor toys

Teach and Play Toys thinks the backyard can be a place of mystery and adventure for children, so why not add some outdoor furniture to encourage them to play outdoors?    Designed and built with little ones in mind, you’ll love the versatility of our outdoor tables and chairs.  Our selections also includes great sets that are perfect for the sand or the snow.    Create an outdoor fun zone in your yard and your children will reap the benefits of developing an active and healthy lifestyle.